Friday, July 10, 2009

Smart Phones

Ah - a couple weeks of downtime always refreshes.

Lots happened in the last couple of weeks(ish). One was the new iPhone came out. A friend of mine is agonizing over getting one, versus a Blackberry or something else. He believes that government and corporations are all sewn up for Blackberry.

For government - agreed (for now).

Corporate - it's shifting, and shifting rapidly.

With the iPhone OS 3.0 release there is now tighter integration with Exchange servers (really the thing that made corporate folks ga-ga for Blackberry in the first place) plus security items like the ability to remotely wipe a handset.

In many companies that I directly know of the upgrade cycle (starting at the top) is resulting in iPhones instead of Blackberries (execs first, of course). Governments will take longer to make such a change, if they do, and again it will start at the top, with the peons getting the goodies last (naturally).

Me, personally, I do not talk on the phone very much, and if I do it is from a land line. I use a pre-pay phone for the occasional voice call and use a PDA for other functions. When my current PDA (a Palm) dies I'll get an iPod touch (seeing as Palm got out of the PDA business).

If you're going to pay the monthly bill anyways go with the iPhone. Blackberry will probably be what you're provided with by your company.

That said, the market keeps shifting, with the Palm Pre now released and decent UI having been grafted onto Android by HTC.

As always, make a decision based on your own needs and not what the market blares at you.

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